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Advanced Foot Tickling
»Abby in a blue mummy cast   » photos + video!

Abby's pretty darn ticklish, but apparently when you add an immobilizing body cast and lube up her bare feet, things escalate to a whooooooole new level.

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Precious, Fragile Toki
»Toki in an oxymoronic predicament   » photos + video!

No one takes the the girl whose casts are screwed into the walls seriously, when she claims she's "fragile, very fragile!!!" In fact, she turns out to be quite durable...

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Girlfriend Give-and-Take
»Gen finds her agressive side at the right moment   » photo + video

Molly's had a tough day at work, and she's had Gen's long, casted legs on her mind all day. Girlfriend Gen has been sitting home alone, helpless all day, and now she's supposed to cater to Molly's fetish needs? Nuh-uh. If Molly wants any cast play, she's gonna have to put Gen's needs first.

Bad News for Sam
»Samantha in an FBC   » photos + video

Good news and bad for Sam, during her visit today. Good news, there's hope. Bad news, she's going to have to endure a full body cast for number of days. Sam has allowed for her experience to be documented, follow her through this emotional journey.

Vibe Visitor
»Nickie in two LLCs + Segufix   » photo + video

Nickie's doing her best. She's just trying to get through this recovery, taking it one night at a time, but sometimes she's awoken by a strangely silent visitor... She always has trouble getting back to sleep, but who wouldn't after so much excitement?

A Friend in Need...
»Morgan in an LLC   » photos + video

When Morgan gets her new long leg cast, she knows exactly who to call-- her bestie with a serious cast fetish. Morgan's just a giver, you know, always thinking of others... getting a steamy afternoon with a Hitachi had noooooothing to do with anything. Nope.

The Real (Cast) World
»48-hour contract? Should have read the fine print   » photo + video

Something made me think of The Real World as Malivu signed on for our 48-hour armcast contract, and drove herself home, still stuck in a cast. "Now we find out what happens when people stop being polite... and start getting real." She's probably too young to remember that one...

Acro accident
»Mary in a white HBC   » photos + video

If you didn't know, Mary is an acrobat who performs all over the world, when she's not modeling bondage. This week, she had a little-- well, a big-- fall during her training, and needed to seek special attention only the CYE team could give her.

"Don't let me go!"
»Ramona in a black SAC   » photos + video

Even though she comes in with a broken ankle, Ramona really wants to prove she can be the girl that finally escapes Segufix. Several one-more-chances later, she still won't let me unstrap her.

Tickle addict's request
»Lizzy in two LLCs with spreader bar   » photos + video

Lizzy hadn't been in in awhile, she sent us an email requesting a casting session "as mean as you want." She's particularly sensitive on her feet and toes, but I make sure to get to every square inch of pooooooor Lizzy. You know, she was the first girl we ever gave a ticklegasm to? :)

Meet Quinn.
»Quinn in a purple mummy cast   » photos + video

She likes the color purple, cute socks coordinated with her outfits (she has a sock fetish, but that's another story). We brought her in for a nice mummy cast isolation session, but once she found out we own vibrating nipple clamps that matched her cast...

Attention-Seeking behavior
»Carlin tells you her kinky little cast secret   » photos + video

Smokey, sultry Carlin. You know her. Or girls like her. She's the cheerleader from school, who would flirt with you but never go out with you--so pretty she could get away with everything--you'd never guess a girl like her would have secrets just like yours. Come on in, because she's NOT untouchable, after all. :)

Taken by Surprise
»Naomi awakens in HBC   » photos + video

A word of caution: Be very cautious about those internet modeling "jobs." Never know how honest these guys are, what their motivation really is...

Cast Appreciation Day
»Julia in LLC + LAC   »photo + video

Julia takes some extra time with this one, it's lovely to watch. She hardens up, then explores the cast inside and out for you: raking her nails over the fiberglass, knocking and rubbing and pulling... fiberglass fetishists and bondage afficianados alike will find it hard to look away.

Never Give Up
»Sasha in a short arm cast   » photos + video

She may be new, but Sasha is already one of our feistiest escapers. You can feel every ounce of her total frustration here, especially when she realizes she's been tricked. She has the keys, but there's a catch...

The Cure-All
»Ramona in LLC with electrodes   »photo + video

There's something wrong with Ramona's healing leg, and she can't do anything about it herself. Nurse Molly helps her out the best way she knows how-- with electricity. The treatment is deemed effective, if just a bit giggly.

No Holding Back
»Mary in short ankle cast   » photos + video

If you show up to be strapped down, tickled, and vibrated, but happen to be in a cast, don't worry-- you'll still get what you came for.

"Hello My Name Is Sam...
»Samantha in vibrator cast   »photo + video

...and I'm addicted to masturbation."
The poor thing. Must be humiliating, having your next self-gasm be the most important thing in life. I agree to take on this pathetic hottie's case, and make sure to document her whole triple-orgasm ordeal.

Suspended & Spanked
»Molly in white HBC   » photos + video

This isn't the first time Molly's gotten a bondage-style reprimand at work. The girl just can't help herself, but I'll get her to fall in line, eventually...

Experiments in Silence
»Denver in fiberglass armbinder   »photo + video

CAN Denver actually keep quiet when the conditions call for it? The world may never know for sure, but my extensive testing has produced some fascinating results.

75% Fun, 25% Awfullll!
»Skylar in violet FBC   » photos + video

One of our flirtiest cuteys spends a good long afternoon in a totally unbreakable bodycast. From her candid answers to bondage questions, to testing how much she can move (zero), to an intense, no-holds-barred electro-tease session, Skylar's scene is a Do. Not. Miss. :).

A difficult adjustment
»Julia in double pink LACs and chastity belt   »photo + video

Julia struggles to adapt to her new webbed-finger LLCs, but they're more annoying than you might think... Adding to her frustration is a chastity device, with a lock-and-key situation so frustrating she's willing to give up ANYTHING for a break. Anything?

Hugging Ramona
»Ramona in rigid white "hugging" cast   » photos + video

Pout all you want, Ramona--it's time for some affection, CYE style. She can't let go, she can't get away, and there's no way to stop me from getting all her most tickish-est spots...

Casted crutching cutey
»Sasha in a violet LLC and double crutch   »photo + video

Giggly, adorable, and really interested in fiberglass casting fetish, this week's newbie comes in and spends the day crutching around for me, without even wondering why I'm sooo into watching her...

Special Care
»Mary in an LAC and medical braces   » photos + video

Recovery isn't usually a lot of fun. And after Mary's big accident, she needs lots of calm relaxation, no matter how boring that might seem to her. Good thing she's here with us, where our nurses always go above and beyond to give the patients the extra attention they need.

Crutching with a Cutey
»Kitty in an LLC :)   »photo + video

An adorable scene with one of our favorites. Kitty enjoys playing around with casts as much as we enjoy watching. She wants you to come inside and see. :)

 Longest Day Ever
»Caroline in a bodycast... still   » photos + video

She's been here with us, in a full body cast, since 10 a.m., and it's finally bedtime. That doesn't mean she's going to get much sleep. Or much mercy.

Anna's Secret
»Anna in double thick arm cast (LAC)   »photo + video

Anna perfectly fetishizes fiberglass casting for you, and puts words to the intimate feeling in the room like few girls can. Lots of close-ups, cast knocking and stroking, and a girl who captures the feeling of a fetish so well you'll be hypnotized.

Remote Controlled
»Molly in HBC + super segufix   »photo + video

It's taken me a while, but I finally discovered an app that allows me to control any electrical device from my phone. I could be downtown getting a coffee and switch my prisoner's vibrator onto "high," and she just has to stay frozen and take it, she doesn't know if I'm there or not or ever letting her go... Bout time. Extended orgasmy video, here, friends. :)

Clerical Error
»Raye in quad cast chair   »photo + video

Raye showed up for her appointment, just like she does every month, but this time everything was different. She was certain they had the wrong chart, but the nurse wouldn't answer her questions. She tried to insist that she'd never had a treatment like this, but they just walked out of the room and left her there. Rude!

Medical Modeling Gig
»Kitty in braces and corset cast   »photo + video

Hard up for cash, Kitty has just about resigned herself to the worst June in the history of the world when she finds the perfect gig: modeling medical braces for cash. I ease her into "modeling," and as she lets her guard down, I up the immobilization. She's in too deep and she can't move. Fiduciary matters are forgotten. Don't miss this video.

5/10/14  Distraction
»Naomi in masturbatory fantasy   »photo + video

Poor Naomi. Two months in a leg cast during summer vacation-- how boring! She'll just have to get a little creative with ways to pass the time until this thing comes off...

Day in a Body Cast  5/3/14
»Caroline in full coverage body cast   »photo + video

Caroline's such a good sport. Believe us or not, but she whole-heartedly agreed to spend an entire day like this. Adorable little co-ed didn't realize what she was getting herself into...

   ElectroTime  4/26/14
»Denver in LLCs   »photo + video  

Strapped to a wheelchair, tickled, then hooked up to the TENS unit - Denver didn't know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't this.

Not Yet  4/19/14
»Kitty in fiberglass armbinder   »photo + video  

Tickled, then abandoned. Her captor returns to gag her and give her something to pass the time...

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