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   Newbie Tries It All  4/12/14
»Nickie in top HBC + chains   »65 photos + video  

Newbie. Cast. Chains. Tickling. Vibrating. Voyeurism.

We started with the cast and built from there...
glorious video, here.

BREAKING BONDAGE NEWS!   »A taboo game of steppies, all on film »Fans of Punky Brewster? Come see our newbie »Restrained domme girls this week


Miss Mummy Girl 2014  4/5/14
»Naomi in mummy cast   »55 photos + video  

Surfer girl tries something completely out of her element: Locked in the basement, with her first ever restrained vibrator scene. You won't want to miss any of newbie Naomi's beautiful, helpless reactions, all caught on video.

   So Close to Escape...  3/29/14
»Esther in SACs + hogtie   »68 photos + video  

And yet so very far.

Sure, Esther's one determined little co-ed, but she has a long way to go before she'll be busting out of our casts. But we do so enjoy watching her try... :) If you like the feisty ones, this is the scene for you this month.

   Babysitter Babysat  3/22/14
»Ariana in blue quad castchair   »56 photos + video  

Ariana didn't even want this stupid babysitting gig, she'd actually prefer if she didn't have to work at all and people (male people) paid for all the stuff she needs, like concert tickets and gas for her car and her new Blackberry. In a perfect world... not this world, the world in which she has to watch this little brat, and she NEVER agreed to this game..!

   Taken for Research  3/15/14
»Denver in pink HBC with vibe   »32 photos + video  

A story so weird even Denver has a hard time believing it happened. But she remembers it all so clearly: Waking up in a sterile, foreign atmosphere--the cold steel--the paralysis--the relentless bionic arm, teasing and testing her, studying her helpless human response as she lays perfectly still, totally frozen except for her eyes...

Oooh. Just gave myself shivers! Come inside and find the truth.

   In Trouble Again  3/8/14
»Caroline in rope bondage   »48 photos + video  

Most girls her age are out with their friends or studying. Not Caroline. Caroline spends all her time in detention. Sigh...

   Molly's World  3/1/14
»Molly in a SAC   »33 photos + video  

Something a little different this week. A candid look at a day in the life of CastYourEnthusiasm's full-time workerbee-in-residence. Intimate interviews, behind-the-scenes secrets, and answers to all the questions you've been wanting to ask.

   Problem Patient  2/22/14
»Kendall in metal + fiberglass treatment   »86 photos + video  

A bratty patient subdued. A nurse with a secret, satiated. A kinky sleeper-girl video that'll keep you distracted long after the end credits. This week, CYE taps into a whole different fetish...

   Snowy Slip-and-Fall  2/15/14
»Julia in LLCs   »96 photos + video  

You know when you invite a cute girl to your house, and she slips in your snowy driveway, and then you have to put her in long leg casts, revoke her walking privileges, and tickle her until she learns to be more careful? ...No? Just us?

   FBC Party  2/8/14
»Harley in a FBC   »85 photos + video  

So, graduating college is a happy occasion, right? Right. Except when it means the absence of one of our favorite and most enthusiastic bondagettes for an undetermined amount of time. We wanted to give Harley a cast worthy of her milestone. One that also said, "We'll miss you!" in a way that only we could execute, and only a girl like Harley could appreciate. Think we nailed it.

   Stubborn Newbie Stretched  2/1/14
»Izebel in floor-attached quad casts   »69 photos + video  

Big-city ballerina visits for a day with the kinksters--there's nothing we can throw at her she hasn't seen before.

Or is there? :)

   Rigid Response Research  1/25/14
»Denver in "sensory response" bondage cast   »69 photos + video  

Back from her latest whirlwind semester abroad, Denver is more insistant than ever about coming in to be casted. She agrees to drastically reduced pay and even signs a new contract: She gets as much bondage and vibrator-play as she needs, but has to serve as a test subject for a new CYE game. She signs, she's stuck, time for the "research."

   Bondage Tickle Overload  1/18/14
»Caroline in a fiberglass armbinder & rope   »81 photos + video  

The more ticklish they are, the more generous you need to be with restraints. Even if the girl in question is the size of, like, a strawberry Pop-tart. Case in point. She's stuck, but she sure won't give up. Time to call in reinforcements.

  How NOT to Escape  1/11/13
»Cindy in LLCs and straitjacket   »26 photos + video  

The angrier and more determined our new favorite bombshell gets, the more trouble she has battling our double-LLC SJ obstacle course. Hard to say who's enjoying the struggle more...

   Friday Night  1/4/14
»Molly in an overnighter FBC   »76 photos + video  

With Molly blossoming as both a producer here, we sometimes under-utilize her as a model. Not surprising that she recently started to exhibit all the signs of needing to be the submissive one, for once. For months, tying up other girls and guys, it seems this desire to be really, really helpless was starting to distract her. The bodycast was her idea. The overnighter was mine.

If you watch one cast bondage video this year, Molly's FBC should be the one. Believe me on this. This is beautiful immobilization, pushing boundaries, fetish at its best. Come inside and be a part of the experience.

  The V Clinic  12/28/13
»Anna in segufix and LLCs   »71 photos + video  

Intensely immobilizing cast bondage. Segufix straps and face wrapping. No talking, just vibrating, and a relentless nurse type taking notes on poor stuck Anna's up-and-down reactions.

   Practice For What?  12/21/13
»Ramona in a segufixed mummycast   »62 photos + video  

Molly plays the cold and calculating immobilization fetishist (what a stretch), Ramona plays the naïve and nubile student. Just have to work on my mummycasts, thanks for the help, just a few hours more...

  No Help for the Helpless 12/14/13
»Kendall in purple shackle cast   »67 photos + video  

A very special video, with a very special new girl. You see the pictures, you don't need me to tell you that Kendall's gorgeous, bright-eyed, curious and curvy-legged. But this video... a sexy intro to consensual, reluctant tickle games, with Molly quietly and relentlessly making newbie feel helpless as I pull the strings. The glassy "ohmigoodness make her stop" look Kendall gives the camera while uselessly trying to ward off her keeper is so sexy you'll make it your desktop wallpaper. (Unless you share your computer with someone.)

Trust me on this one, guys. You don't want to miss Kendall.

   Escapies So Right  12/7/13
»Grace in LLCs & straightjacket   »74 photos + video  

This was Molly's first time running a cast totally on her own, and you can see the style she's already starting to develop. Bondage model gives you trouble? Just keep bondaging her till she's all covered. Make the bosses proud. :)

  Cindy: Cast Monster  11/30/13
»Cindy in LAC & AC   »73 photos + video  

Curves like a mountain road, legs all the way up to Canada, and glowing like the one California girl in a crowd of New Englanders, Cindy showed up aggressively curious about fiberglass cast bondage. No shyness here, as she hobbles around for your viewing pleasure, totally aware of the effect her "wittle casts" have on you. Oh, yeah, and she's got a Russian accent that will make you feel like you're watching a kinkster's version of a James Bond movie.

   Caught in the Act  11/23/13
»Cara in ACs   »40 photos + video  

A steamy, intimate peek into Cara's private time. Her inescapable arm bondage feels sexy, and the reach is a little tough, but she likes that challenge. Didn't realize anyone was watching, though...

  Soapy Shower Sprain  11/16/13
»Skylar in SAC   »30 photos + video  

It's a pain to hobble around with this thing--Sky's going on three weeks--but you get used to it. Skylar agrees to give us a glimpse into her routine, specifically how she manages to keep her cast dry and clean while struggling to live a normal, not-casted life. :)

   "Feels like a body cage"  11/9/13
»Kitty in FBC   »53 photos + video  

We made her wait for this one. She was practically salivating when she came in for her big everything-cast. The cadillac of bondage. Stiff, stuck, without a millimeter of movement, under an unneccessary amount of fiberglass. A special update this week.

  Edged to the Edge  11/2/13
»Kyle in straitjacket/castjacket combo   »66 photos + video  

Shiny little would-be escapologist proves how good she is at getting out of bondage, but the question is, will she ever find someone to keep her stuck?
Yep. :)

Oh, and it's her first time with a vibrator, in case you care...

   Bad Girls' Update  10/26/13
»Harley in pink LACs, LLCs, neck brace, wow!   »46 photos + video  

From last week's gentle and innocent scene, to THIS. This week is not innocent. This scene is dirty dirty. Girl-on-girl fetishism, teasing, orgasms all around, dirty talking and some rock hard bondage. She can't move anything but her hips. A video so naughty you'll send it to bed without supper--and probably head right to your room, too, after watching...

  An Introduction  10/19/13
»Grace in white triple SAC   »49 photos + video  

A newbie with no preconceived notion of fetish is intensely curious about what we do here. Why are casts sexy? Why is immobilization appealing? What does it feel like? Grace is a blank slate, no previous understanding of kink, just curiousity. A beautiful, gentle scene, with lots of hand-on exploration as Grace researches this new side of herself.

  Friendly Competition   10/12/13
»Nova & Molly in matching double LLCs   »33 photos + video  

The instructions are simple. The casts are confining. The girls are agressive. My quirky little game of skill has both girls scrambling, giggling, begging, crawling, yelling, and fighting to win. Nova's not afraid to play dirty, either, as the "game" devolves into a femdom-charged interaction. If you hate leggy girls in awkward/adorable leg bondage, definitely skip this one.

  Don't Skateboard  10/5/13
»Ramona in a huuuuge "ankle" cast ;)   »92 photos + video  

Cause you might fall and twist your ankle, and next thing you know you're in your first cast getting weird physical therapy and there's nothing you can do about it. Maybe find a new hobby, something you can do if your bottom half isn't ambulatory. Drawing? Ramona will have lots of time to consider her options, in this one... Braces, skateboards, crazy nurses and NO MOVING. Don't miss her...

  How to Cast Your Co-Ed   9/28/13
»Skylar in a cut-out mummycast   »30 photos + video  

Why do the vivacious chatterboxes enjoy those quiet stuck scenes the most? It's always the giggly, flirty ones who get the most turned on when everything is still and gentle and immobile. When the soft gauze blindfold makes everything dark, it's like she goes into some sort of aroused Zen bondage meditation headspace.

  Welcome Back  9/21/13
»Denver in white cast restraints   »51 photos + video  

Denver's back after a summer abroad, ready to jump right in with three kink-free months of yearning under her belt. A fit, curvy little body, crazy tickle response, vibrator sensitivity, and her not-so-secret love for immobilization keep Denver in the starting lineup. This is a good one.

  Down the Rabbit Hole   9/14/13
»Kyle in medical straps and pink leg casts   »7 minute video   »82 photos  

I have girls in who are interested in bondage; sometimes I have girls who really enjoy being helpless. This one's different. Parts of you will melt as you hear a kindred spirit talk about how, since an arm a few years ago, she's been fantasizing about being back in a cast. How no one has understood her, till now. Watch a girl with a fetish so close to your own tumble down the rabbit hole of bondage casting.

  Eliza All Wrapped Up  9/7/13
»Eliza in white full coverage bondage   »1 video scenes   »12 photos  

Soft, warm, cozy, and totally inescapable. Welcome to Eliza's clinical fetish. She likes to be trapped and taken care of, not just helpless, but incapable of caring for herself. She wants to feel like a patient at a hospital she can't leave. We make her medical fantasy come true and then some.

rachel casted
  Gorgeous & Gullible  8/31/13
»Rachel in black HBC »2 video scenes »36 photos

The only thing better than a cute girl is a gullible cute girl.
You won't believe how long Rach is stuck before she figures out she's been tricked into bondage. Lots of cast knocking, feeling the fiberglass, and trying to escape her "lifecast" gig. :)

And even more...

All inside, available for members.