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Here's what we've been up to lately...

4/18/15 Doctor-Patient Boundaries

»Here's how to doctor Darren »Photos and video, inside

Carlin, our resident cast specialist for the day, crosses more than a few lines as she helps her patient "adjust" to a temporary life without ambulation. Complaining and coaxing intermingle as clothes come off, and walls come down... it's like a soap opera, but better and with way more casts.

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4/11/15 The Trouble with Mobility

»This is Blair. You'll like Blair.

She's so vivacious and sexy, you'd have trouble looking away no matter what. Imagine the damage she does in her first cast ever, giggling and slipping and talking to the viewer, asking "Hey, are you guys just gonna watch?" as she tries to rise on wobbly, frozen legs....

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4/4/15 Hypno-Mia

»She asked about hypnosis... »Photos and video, inside

It's a lot easier than you might think, to mesmerize a person. What you do with them at that point is up to you. Give 'em a cast fetish? No problem... What other tricks do you want me to make Mia do? :)

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click for free hypnocast video

3/28/15 A Candid Cast Day

»Nickie's tickled and interviewed in LLCs »Photos and video, inside

After a few hours of being vibrated and tickled, Nickie gets to sit back, tell us all about how much she really likes this casting thing, and what she'd like to do on her cast date with one lucky guy.

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3/21/15 We can build it...

»Textbook cast goes off-book »Photos and video, inside

...we have the tools! We have the girl. We have the twisted minds. We wanted to create the perfect long leg cast, so perfect we could cut it off and then use it on another girl.

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3/14/15 Behind the fiberglass

»Samantha tells all »Photos and video, inside

That adorably innocent giggle can really draw you in, but watch out... Samantha admits in this candid interview that this time, her "accident" was anything but.

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3/7/15 Overstimulating Gen

»Gen in double-thick LLCs »Photos and video, inside

Violet wands, triple thick spreader bars, a nurse and a "doctor," a couple orgasms, and some weird-as-heck pyschological play make for a lonnng day. #sorrynotsorry.

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2/28/15 Strictly hypothetical

»Morgan believes in science... »Photos and video, inside

... the question is, "Do you believe in science?"
This by-the-book computer bioengineering major gives a POV demonstration on why one must not assume, one must test every theory. It's not a fact until it's proven...

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2/21/15 DIY with Darren

»You can do it yourself, with "encouragement" »Photos and video, inside

One part "Home Improvement," one part voyeuristic cast fantasy come to life, and all pure, amazing Darren. Come inside, she wants you to feel what she feels, when she's casted....

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2/14/15 Molly Takes a Holiday

»Relaxation for a very hard worker »Photos and video, inside

She really does work about 75 hours a week for me, and it's not always sexy... can be downright stressful at times. Can't give my right-hand woman a vacation right now, but here's the next best thing. I think. A wonderful video that's as Zen as it is erotic. :)

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2/7/15  Self-satisfaction DENIED!

» Toki in a state of erotic frustration... »Photos and video, inside

Must be nice to work here--you come in, dress up in a cute outfit, explore your secret kinky side andohbytheway go home with a nice paycheck and a couple of pretty amazing orgasms. These days, models are downright *demanding* the Magic Wand. Time to change the rules a little. Poor, helpless Toki...

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1/31/15  A roommate in need

» Recovery is taking weeks longer than expected »Photos and video, inside

Samantha can hardly stand to be in this cast any longer. She hasn't been able to... y'know... in like, two months. Two months! She's ready to lose her mind, but luckily she's got a great friend in her roommate, Molly, who's ready to lend a hand... as long as she gets something out of it, too.

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1/27/15 Downtime vs Uptime
Mia will segu-seduce you »Photos and video, inside

She's never been in a cast before. She's super curious. And boy, does she need a break after a long week. (Get it? A break? Hahaha)

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1/17/15 A cast date with Carlin
»Carlin wants to go out to a fancy restaurant--are you game?
»Photos and video, inside

Carlin's looking for a real gentleman--someone to open doors and spoil her during her loooooong weeks of recovery. If you can treat her right, she'll make all your cast dreams come true.

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