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2/28/15 Strictly hypothetical

»Morgan believes in science...

... the question is, "Do you believe in science?"
This by-the-book computer bioengineering major gives a POV demonstration on why one must not assume, one must test every theory. It's not a fact until it's proven...

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2/21/15 DIY with Darren

»You can do it yourself, with a little "encouragement" » photos + video!

One part "Home Improvement," one part voyeuristic cast fantasy come to life, and all pure, amazing Darren. Come inside, she wants you to feel what she feels, when she's casted....

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2/14/15 Molly Takes a Holiday

»Relaxation for a very hard worker

She really does work about 75 hours a week for me, and it's not always sexy... can be downright stressful at times. Can't give my right-hand woman a vacation right now, but here's the next best thing. I think. A wonderful video that's as Zen as it is erotic. :)

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2/7/15  Self-satisfaction DENIED!

» Toki in a state of erotic frustration... and casts too obv

Must be nice to work here--you come in, dress up in a cute outfit, explore your secret kinky side andohbytheway go home with a nice paycheck and a couple of pretty amazing orgasms. These days, models are downright *demanding* the Magic Wand. Time to change the rules a little. Poor, helpless Toki...

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1/31/15  A roommate in need

» Sam's recovery is taking weeks longer than expected » photos + video!

Samantha can hardly stand to be in this cast any longer. She hasn't been able to... y'know... in like, two months. Two months! She's ready to lose her mind, but luckily she's got a great friend in her roommate, Molly, who's ready to lend a hand... as long as she gets something out of it, too.

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1/27/15 Downtime vs Uptime
Mia in wrist and ankle casts... oh yeah and segufix restraints

She's never been in a cast before. She's super curious. And boy, does she need a break after a long week. (Get it? A break? Hahaha)

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1/17/15 A cast date with Carlin
»Carlin wants to go out to a fancy restaurant--are you game?

Carlin's looking for a real gentleman--someone to open doors and spoil her during her loooooong weeks of recovery. If you can treat her right, she'll make all your cast dreams come true.

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Remote controlled Darren
»Darren in an upper body cast   » photos + video!

Rock hard cast vs. determined fetishist. Darren's as stuck as she's ever been, but the vibrator is oh-so-close, almost in her control--not quite, though. A lovely mix of intense angry frustration and cast-filled relief.

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Dancer's Rehab: the first month
»Julia in a white ballerina cast   » photos + video!

The prima ballerina of a big-ticket production is, sadly, out of commission for the next few weeks. But her misfortune isn't without a silver lining, as she made a video documentary of her journey to recovery.

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A Study In Pink
»Blue in matching pink LLCs   » photos + video!

If you want to see a girl have a blast clunking around exploring newfound fiberglass limitations, Blue's your girl. If a naughty afterparty is your thing, Blue's your girl. For better or worse, she's earned several trips back to the doctor.

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Lend a Hand?
»Hadley in black LACs + spreader bars   » photos + video!

Oh, woe is Hadley-- stuck in this cast contraption for several more weeks, and already having trouble meeting her most basic needs. She really really wants some water, or some coffee, maybe something to eat, but she'll have to face facts: she can't do it on her own.

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Advanced Foot Tickling
»Abby in a blue mummy cast   » photos + video!

Abby's pretty darn ticklish, but apparently when you add an immobilizing body cast and lube up her bare feet, things escalate to a whooooooole new level.

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Precious, Fragile Toki
»Toki in an oxymoronic predicament   » photos + video!

No one takes the the girl whose casts are screwed into the walls seriously, when she claims she's "fragile, very fragile!!!" In fact, she turns out to be quite durable...

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Girlfriend Give-and-Take
»Gen finds her agressive side at the right moment   » photo + video

Molly's had a tough day at work, and she's had Gen's long, casted legs on her mind all day. Girlfriend Gen has been sitting home alone, helpless all day, and now she's supposed to cater to Molly's fetish needs? Nuh-uh. If Molly wants any cast play, she's gonna have to put Gen's needs first.

Bad News for Sam
»Samantha in an FBC   » photos + video

Good news and bad for Sam, during her visit today. Good news, there's hope. Bad news, she's going to have to endure a full body cast for number of days. Sam has allowed for her experience to be documented, follow her through this emotional journey.

Vibe Visitor
»Nickie in two LLCs + Segufix   » photo + video

Nickie's doing her best. She's just trying to get through this recovery, taking it one night at a time, but sometimes she's awoken by a strangely silent visitor... She always has trouble getting back to sleep, but who wouldn't after so much excitement?

A Friend in Need...
»Morgan in an LLC   » photos + video

When Morgan gets her new long leg cast, she knows exactly who to call-- her bestie with a serious cast fetish. Morgan's just a giver, you know, always thinking of others... getting a steamy afternoon with a Hitachi had noooooothing to do with anything. Nope.

The Real (Cast) World
»48-hour contract? Should have read the fine print   » photo + video

Something made me think of The Real World as Malivu signed on for our 48-hour armcast contract, and drove herself home, still stuck in a cast. "Now we find out what happens when people stop being polite... and start getting real." She's probably too young to remember that one...

Acro accident
»Mary in a white HBC   » photos + video

If you didn't know, Mary is an acrobat who performs all over the world, when she's not modeling bondage. This week, she had a little-- well, a big-- fall during her training, and needed to seek special attention only the CYE team could give her.

"Don't let me go!"
»Ramona in a black SAC   » photos + video

Even though she comes in with a broken ankle, Ramona really wants to prove she can be the girl that finally escapes Segufix. Several one-more-chances later, she still won't let me unstrap her.

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