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Other really cool stuff...
Achtung Fetish
"The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything."

Art of Constraint
Lovely girls, creatively tied.

Damsels bound, gagged and... smoking!?

Your sexy fantasy fetish dreams come true.

Bondage Discovery
Discover some bondage. Haha. No, it's a directory.

Bondage Restraints
This one gets the Christina seal of approval. Realllly cute/kinky blog.

Bound Ivy
Wanna see a hot Dutch chick get all tied up? Click here.

Cast Mistress
This domme puts her biddies in fiberglass. How kinky...

Freaks Inside
Total shiny fetish zone.

Gromet's Plaza
Free galleries, stories, bondage and kinkiness abound. We like Gromet.

My Steel
Chastity belts. :) If you need one (you do), get it here.

Students Bound
Site's name is pretty clear, dontcha think?