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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I get?
A: Members area includes full access to all photos and video. No hidden additional charges whatsoever.

A: There is a cancel option on the join page. Contact admin@castyourenthusiasm.com with any issue.

Q: Do you accept requests? Custom work?
A: I always welcome correspondence.

Q: What is your contact email?
A: admin@castyourenthusiasm.com

Q: Can I see the latest updates before joining?
A: The preview section is not stagnant, it showcases our update every week. If you are familiar with the other sites in our family--www.qualitycontrol.cc and www.conversationpiece.cc--you'll see the preview sections updated on the same day.


Q: What, in the hell, is a casting fetish site? Is this supposed to be sexy?
A: This is a fetish site. So, if you don't have a fetish for casting, or for immobilized girls in general, you may not understand. For me, there's something magical, about staring into someone's eyes, and knowing that they can't move. In fact, they require a power tool in order to be free. That's the theme we explore, here, in various ways. If that's a vibe you like, we can't wait to see you inside.