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Here are some fun facts about modeling bondage with us ...

YES. WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR FEMALE MODELS. Contact us at admin@castyourenthusiasm.com.

Yes, this is a paid gig. Love when people ask that. Email for rates.

We're in Massachusetts! If you are not, do not hesitate to ask if we can arrange something to get you here. Here at CP, we have a can-do attitude!

No modeling experience necessary. Actually the more naïve and impressionable you are, the better. (Kidding.)

No nudity or sex acts are required, nothing should cause you pain.

We're very pleasant and professional people. As a matter of fact, most girls say we're an absolute blast to shoot with. Happy to provide references from recent models.

If you are poking around the site and see something that's not to your taste, we can accommodate you. Keep in mind, shoots with first-timers will be more gentle and will be sensitive to your level of experience--especially if that's none.

18+ only, silly.

Are you a boy who wants to model? We are not currently working with male models, but email and say hi, there's always a chance you could be useful for something.


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